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May 14, 2018 This is just a simple. to set the clientinfo.xml and etc inside the game's layers folder. Some Naija stuffs was reduced.� “Absolutely. Don’t worry, Dad. I’m a bit of a ham in my own way, too, so I’ll be fine,” he told her. “Yeah, you are,” she said, smiling at him. “Now, shall we head inside?” “Yeah. You know what? I did quite a bit of work around here already. Do you want to help me declutter?” “Yes. Definitely. I love helping you declutter, Dad,” she said, handing him his keys. “You know, Meagan, sometimes, I want to do it by myself, but I rarely do. I’d rather people enjoy the task.” “Yeah. Your way is a tad aggressive, is it not?” “Yes, it is,” he told her, as he led her inside and headed for the living room. “But hey, what are you going to do?” “I’m just going to go clean up the kitchen and then we can eat.” “I want to clean around the yard, too, while we’re at it. That should take about an hour.” “That’ll take me a while, to be honest. I also have some work to get done at my office,” she replied. “Yes, but I’ll finish it.” “No, you’ll have to finish it,” she told him. “I’m not going to work on it today. I don’t have the energy.” “Yes, I understand, but the lawn and garden will take much longer,” he reasoned. “So, why not just do it together?” “Please. You’re the one who’s going to do it, not me. So, why don’t we go and eat?” “Oh, I see what you’re doing. I’


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